Save the Children has joined forces with more than 100 other charities to launch a major new campaign to tackle global hunger. All we need is you to join us.



Our new joint campaign Enough Food for Everyone IF wants action from global leaders to end the hunger crisis that costs the lives of more than 200 children every single hour.

With David Cameron leading the G8 group of the world’s richest countries, Britain has a once in a generation chance to make hunger a thing of the past.

Hunger and malnutrition will trap almost a billion young people in poverty by 2025, according to our joint report launched today.

In a world where there’s enough food for everyone, the scandal of children growing up hungry is unfair, unjust – and totally preventable.

If enough of us come together we can make world leaders act.

Join us and help make us be generation that ends global hunger

Making world leaders act

The campaign urges leaders of the world’s richest countries to tackle four big IFs:

  • IF we give the poorest people the power to feed themselves.
  • IF we stop corporate tax dodging.
  • IF we use land for food, not fuel.
  • IF we force governments and companies to be honest about activity that stop children getting enough food.

We can make sure every child lives a life free from hunger – IF enough of us demand change.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu, campaign supporter, said: “Hunger is not an incurable disease or an unavoidable tragedy. We can make sure no child goes to bed hungry. We can stop mothers from starving themselves to feed their families. We can save lives.

“We can do all of this, IF we are prepared to do something about it. IF we challenge our leaders to take action.”

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